Delicious Homemade Meals

About Us

As an ex-chef, Michael is passionate about cooking delicious and exciting food at home. It doesn’t matter if he is whipping up a quick dinner for Michaela or a feast for guests; it always* has to be a standout, impressive meal! Now working as an air-conditioning and refrigeration technician, he has a diverse range of experience and is full of surprises in the kitchen. From delicious burgers to steaks, stir fry’s and desserts, Michael has it all covered!

Michaela is a health service manager with absolutely no ability in the kitchen. Working in the field of knowledge exchange, Michaela is inclined to want to share all exceptional experiences and information. It suddenly dawned on her that she should be sharing the restaurant quality meals she enjoys every single night – so here we are!

Michael and Michaela recently bought and renovated their home in Sydney and consequently need to be on top of all the best deals and cheap eats – which is particularly difficult when trying to keep up with Michael’s impossibly high standards! Along with delicious food ideas, they now have some simple tips for creating tasty and impressive meals without completely breaking the bank.

If you are after exciting, impressive and most importantly, delicious homemade food ideas that will make you the envy of all your friends, then this is the place for you!

*yes, even we have those days where egg on toast is sufficient!