Delicious Homemade Meals

Not Just Another Food Blog…

So I know exactly what you’re thinking… not ANOTHER food blog. But after months of deliberation I just couldn’t help myself and had to share the amazing food that comes out of my kitchen, which is by all means exciting, impressive and most importantly, delicious (none of which I can take any credit for!).

A few weeks ago, Michael tasked me with creating a dessert for guests (he’s game). Michael has a HUGE array of cookbooks that take up our whole spare bedroom, so of course, I picked up the most eye-catching book and immediately decided I’d bake an Adriano Zumbo masterpiece. As I’ve mentioned in the “about us” section – I lack any form of ability in the kitchen. It took me a whole of 2 minutes to realise that absolutely none of these recipes would be suitable for my ability and it was back to the drawing board! So why am I sharing this you might ask? Because this is exactly what we don’t want to happen with our blog! Yes – we want it to be as aesthetically pleasing as Zumbo’s book – yet simple enough that you can whip up our recipes fairly easily and without being scared off!

Over the years I have learnt to trust the chef – he’s the expert and very rarely gets it wrong in the kitchen. In our posts, I hope to share with you some of Michael’s favourite chefs and cookbooks; favourite recipes; our stories; and much, much more!

With hundreds of millions of blogs already in existence and over 2 million blog posts written every day, we certainly have a real challenge ahead of us – but we are ready to give it a red hot go!


Written by Michaela Ward